Are you looking to launch a Employee Advocacy initiative in your company but having trouble convincing management? As you probably know, the first step in launching a successful employee advocacy program is selling the idea in your own company. If your management is not yet bought into the idea it might be a good idea simply explain with easy to understand numbers.

It is usually best to first look at a single employee as it is easier to relate to. We have gathered data from thousands of employee advocates to find how big an effect the average employee advocate can have and this is what we found.

To take this to a company wide level all you need to do is some simple math. Here are a few examples from different industries that you may be able to relate to.

If these numbers are not enough to prove the value of Employee Advocacy you can always revert to the soft values such as increasing brand unity, engagement and team spirit as well as minimizing the risks involved with employee social media use.

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