In order to drive growth, the focus must be on people and in cultivating the right mindset and the right culture.

Continuous, accelerated growth doesn’t happen by itself. In order to keep growing as a company, you need to foster a “growth mindset”. If you are able to create and foster a growth mindset in the midst of your company culture, you ensure all your employees are ready and willing to explore new opportunities without the fear of failure. On the other hand, a growth mindset means that there is a focus on delivering the best possible results at every step of the way.

Growth isn’t about numbers; it’s about people. Sure, numbers tell you how successful your team is, but it isn’t just numbers you should be looking at when you are after growth, because it is people, not numbers, who do extraordinary things. To create a successful growth mindset, you need to push for both individual and team development and growth.

Focus on Learning Together

Teaching employees new skills helps them cope with quick changes, which often take place during rapid growth. Learning new skills also improves employee engagement and makes work more enjoyable: after all, up to 87 percent of millennials think professional development is important in a job.

Learning shouldn’t happen in silos and only in short individual spurts. Instead, management should make learning a company-wide goal and encourage team-learning sessions. When people develop their skills together, they are able to learn faster and in a supportive environment. Group learning also fosters trust, builds relationships and makes it easier for employees to lean on each other when they need help in the future.

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Set Individual Goals

While learning should happen in teams and in groups, goals should still remain personal. In order for goals to be a part of a functional growth strategy, they need to be transparent and openly communicated. This doesn’t mean everyone should know everyone’s personal goals. It simply means each person should know what is expected of them and that the goals remain achievable while being ambitious.

After making sure everyone understands what is expected of them, make sure you provide individual support and coaching to every single employee. Don’t assume some people need less support than others: instead, make sure those who seem to be excelling stay motivated and are met with new and exciting goals to reach.

Create an Open Communication Culture

In order to be successful, employees need to understand all aspects of their business. Salespeople working in fast-paced industries are much more effective when the lines of communication between product development and sales are open. By gaining and growing their understanding of the product and the needs it fulfills, salespeople can work on offering the best possible value to their customers. The same rule works both ways: with clear lines of communication, product development teams can understand the needs and trends of customers and prospects and improve their products much better. The same dialogue-driven nature needs to exist between all departments of an organization, with clear goals on what needs to be achieved through the dialogue.

Growth mentality only thrives in an organization where people are willing to share their own ambitions and realities. When people grow together but meet their personal goals individually, the culture enables true success stories to take place. With open lines of communication and a supportive and encouraging atmosphere, any company can build and foster a growth mindset.

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