This week it’s “Time for Climate Action” again – or “Climate Week” for short – a campaign organized by Leaders for Climate Action, Europe’s largest community for climate action. And since environmentalism is very important to all of us at Haiilo (see “Haiilo sustainability”), we’d like to join in and share our climate action initiatives with you. Only together can we face the biggest challenge of our generation and make a difference. Let’s do it!


Sustainability as a corporate value

Of course, we care about sustainability all year long and not only on a specific day. As Haiilo, we do everything to get involved, make environmentally conscious decisions and establish greener solutions. Mind you, for the past two years, we’ve had a Chief Climate Officer, who is dedicated to environmentalism and is constantly driving forward new ideas and measures. And it’s not just a fancy title, it’s a whole strategy with its top tips and best practices. So what are we doing at Haiilo exactly?


  1. focus on renewable energies

We run our own digital infrastructure on 100% renewable energy and host our website through a provider that relies exclusively on green energy.

  1. regional and organic 

In our event catering and employee benefits, we pay attention to organic products and focus on regional food and drinks. We also make sure that most of the products are vegan to make it both sustainable and inclusive for our employees.

  1. sustainable principles in the office

From environmentally-friendly office supplies to sustainable cleaning solutions to plastic waste reduction, we at Haiilo have many environmentally conscious principles that we implement every day, taking numerous small steps toward climate protection. 


Climate Leaders…

Growth and sustainability are not always easy to combine. At some point, we too realized that we were “victims” of our success, and sustainability was not taking place it should be at Haiilo. That’s why, in early 2020, our founder Jan Marius Marquardt decided to join forces with other companies – and so Haiilo joined Leaders for Climate Action. Now Haiilo is a certified climate-neutral company. You can find an overview of all our actions and initiatives here.


Let’s learn from each other and make a difference together

Are you interested in climate protection and sustainability in the office? Then our climate officer Daniel is the right person for you! We look forward to your input and suggestions. 🌍💚


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