The McKinsey Global Institute highlights that productivity can increase by 20 to 25% in companies where employees are connected. In other words, there’s no business success without a great internal communication strategy in place!

All managers want to inspire their teams and help employees improve their productivity, but sometimes you might wonder how to get there. Fortunately, improving your internal communication has a domino effect on your employees’ motivation and productivity

Whether you’re considering introducing a new internal communication channel at your company or you’re interested in further optimizing the dynamics that you already have in place, these efforts are likely to improve your employees’ productivity.

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Here are five ways effective internal communication can boost employee productivity in the workplace:

Improve employee productivity by delivering the right information to the right people at the right time

1. Great Internal Communication Saves Your Employees’ Time

If you’ve optimized you team’s internal communication patterns, it means that everyone has easy access to all the information they need, when they need it.

The typical knowledge worker loses an average of 2.5 hours of working time every day hunting for necessary resources.

Think about it: in an average working day of around eight hours, that’s over a quarter of people’s time spent just looking for the information they need to do their jobs!

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It’s a given that your employees are more productive when they get the right information at the right moment, so that they can spend those hours doing their work instead of making a phone call, waiting for one of their colleagues to reply to an email, or running searches to find the right file.

If you want to increase your employees’ productivity, you need to arm them with all the resources they need to get their jobs done.

2. Effective Internal Communication Can Lift Employee Engagement

Improved internal communication directly leads to a better work environment and higher employee engagement, and companies with a highly engaged workforce are 22% more profitable.

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Good communication throughout all the layers of management strengthens the connection that employees feel with your company, its values and its various projects.

When information flows as it should, workers see that their efforts are appreciated, and feel motivated to be as productive as possible.

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What’s more, when your employees fully understand the purpose of their projects, they’ll feel more invested in your business success and they’ll be more likely to stay at the company.

3. Internal Communication Is Key to Effective Project Management

Having an effective internal communication strategy in place is a great way to avoid misunderstandings and clear up confusion.

Think about it: when your employees receive clear project instructions, direct guidance, and unambiguous deadlines, they know exactly what is expected from them.

Effective internal communication helps employees deliver on the projects and tasks assigned to them, and saves time that could be wasted by a confused employee working on the wrong assignment.

Using a project management software such as, ClickUp, or Airtable is one of the best ways to manage team goals and long-term projects. To find the right project management software for your company, check out users’ reviews on G2.

4. Awesome Internal Communication Improves Trust and Collaboration in the Workplace

When your company enjoys open, free-flowing communication across all departments and between all employees, it engenders an atmosphere of trust and mutual support in which creativity and productivity flourish.

In contrast, poor communication breeds suspicion and distrust in the workplace where employees waste time checking up on each other’s work, and avoid delegating and sharing tasks.

Good internal communication is the best antidote to micromanaging. It encourages employees to feel trusted to take on responsibility and succeed.

What’s more, when employees are encouraged to share their best practices and key learnings with their teammates, they can easily identify and fill knowledge gaps, nurture a learning culture, and increase team productivity.

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5. Open Communication Helps Creating a Better Work Environment

It’s often said that “knowledge is power.” When you cultivate a culture of open and transparent communication throughout your company, you share the knowledge that empowers your employees.

This requires taking the extra time to explain the overall purpose of a project, how a report impacts on the business, or why you’re carrying out that study, but you’ll find that it’s time well spent.

Employees who understand not just what they are doing, but also why they are doing it approach their work in a different way. They care about the ultimate success of the task and aren’t just looking to check the project off their to-do list.

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What’s more, your employees are the experts on the fine details of your company’s workflows.

When you share key strategy insights with them, they can spot improvements that could be done and suggest changes that you might have not considered yet.

Internal Communication Is Your Team’s Prerequisite to Productivity

When it comes to the crunch, employees who feel trusted and engaged with your business are the ones that are the most productive.

When your employees understand their tasks, have the resources they need to complete them, and are relieved from the frustration of dealing with poor internal communication, they’ll be excited about their jobs and improve their productivity.

Building an awesome internal communication strategy will benefit your entire business!

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